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on Tue Aug 08, 2017 8:29 am
Good morrow %NATION%!

Welcome to NationStates!
First I thank you for bearing with me and opening this recruitment telegram. Now here is my shpeal as to why [region]Alvaris Confederation[/region] is the best region for [b]you[/b] to join today!

[I]1. We are new, but highly experienced![/I]

You heard right! Alvaris was founded just over a month ago and we just recently opened our borders and started recruitment. The people involved in creating the groundwork for this region have been in many regions in years past and have found many ways to improve from many frustrations that older regions struggle with, mainly, laws and regional involvement.

[I]2. Our Roleplay map is AWESOME![/I]
Don’t believe me? Check it out by looking at our region, [region]Alvaris Confederation[/region] and tell me that map doesn’t look awesome to you.

[I]3. When you read, “start your adventure here” or “make your mark here”, we actually mean it![/I]
This last reason is my favorite and here’s why: I have read many many recruitment telegrams and many of the ones from rather success fun regions all have one thing in common. That thing in common is they give the individual a sense that they can make their mark no matter their experience or activity in the game. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. But in Alvaris, it [b]is[/b]! We are still developing many things such as our constitution and roleplay lore. You, as one of the many “first” nations to join Alvaris can literally make your mark and be remembered as one of the original members months and even years down the road!

[b]So why should I join [region]Alvaris Confederation[/region]?[/b]

Alvaris is a blank slate essentially. You can join and start completely fresh. We are starting our regional roleplay once we hit around 30 nations and you don’t want to miss out! More fun things will happen once we start and finish our constitution construction! Come check us out! Kick back, say hello, join our discord, and enjoy!

[I]Delivered Via African Swallow by[/I] [I][nation]Alvaris Confederation Founder[/nation][/I]
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