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Warcheif Fuga
Warcheif Fuga
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Feat of Engineering Empty Feat of Engineering

on Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:38 pm
-- After long negotiations and much times in teaming with the many allies of the Empire, plans were now in the worlds. The Empire of the Samoan Federation along with the Council of Atlas 1, Republic of Hospitaria, and the Country of Suvaliland, a research team working with Engineers from the four countries finally created the blueprints for a Nuclear Fission Pressurized Water Reactor. These reactors in conjunction with Atlas and Suvalilandian Scientist working with Federalist and Hospitarian Engineers created supership sized reactors. These were made to keep ships at sea for years at a time without refueling as well as provide enough energy to propel a supership.
- Today however was a meeting between scientific leaders of the Four nations as to who would pick up the contract to create the reactors and design the ships to hold the massive reactors. In the Atlasian-Samoan Research Building the nations Lead Scientist of the Program gathered in the meeting room with a national Representative on the Link-Chat linked to each of the nations embassies in the Imperial Capital of Jarednoble. Using a link in the Atlas 1 Embassies were too risky and could link to the secret location of the research base.
- Dr. Margret Tomony, Lead Imperial Electrically Engineer represented the Emperor and his Interest, as well as Minister Mogtrue of the State Ministry as government representative. Dr. Tomony spoke up, "This is secure now, this meeting is now to begin about the construction of a new sea bases aircraft super-carrier, unfortunately this is outside the experience of the Federation so we look outside to our allies in design, production of both the reactors as well as the ship body, and house these vessels, it was decided that was just Nation be granted one of these ships for their own military, does anyone object to these suggestions?"
- The room was open to the other dignitaries and scientific minds.
Atlas 1
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Feat of Engineering Empty Re: Feat of Engineering

on Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:47 pm
“This is Hugo vansell, the Head Director Of science in Atlas. We have experience with navy technology and we are willing to assist you in your efforts as it will bring great security to the league and it will cut navy spending. We look forward to working with you and I apologize for not being able to be their in person, we had some important tests to do.” The screen shows the director sitting back down and occasionally murmuring something into a ear piece.
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Feat of Engineering Empty Re: Feat of Engineering

on Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:14 pm
This thread has been closed due to a nation involved leaving the region. The information here is no longer considered canon.
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Feat of Engineering Empty Re: Feat of Engineering

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