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Imperial Samoan Federation News Update Empty Imperial Samoan Federation News Update

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:25 am
-November 03, 2020
- Imperial Palace, Jarenoble
- Federation Congressional Forum

-- Congress has been in budge meetings for the last month, infrastructure and communications have been completed across the country by the Fuga Electronics Company. New the Emperor was to meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs about Operation Arrowhead. Congress had already passed the vote to send out the Diplomatic ships, and the Warcheif's agreed to send escorts. Now the Emperor was in the way of vetoing the decision, but he was interested in foreign trade. Their meeting was coming to a close and the Emperor was now to stand before the Congressional Chamber and make a statement of approval or denial.

-- "The dark days have left us and the days of conquest and war are behind this country of innovations, we still have starvation in many of the lower districts, corporations and government agendas are stalled due to restrictions of cost and availability in raw resources, creating a deficit in employment. So I will stand by Minister Mogtrue and her efforts to once again connect this great country to the world at large and making the Imperial Federation thrive in this new age of Globalization, my our ancestors protect us in this uncharted new path."

-- A chant of "Long Live the Emperor" echoed through the chamber as the speech ended and the New age of the Imperial Federation was now to begin.

---- News brought to you by the Imperial Broadcast Network.
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