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[DRAFT] The Confederation Charter Empty [DRAFT] The Confederation Charter

on Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:46 pm
Below is a draft for the Alvaris Confederation Charter.
Please direct all comments/concerns in your replies below.
Directly quote areas you are concerned with.

The Confederation Charter

Supreme Law of the Alvaris Confederation

Established on this 10th day of November in the year of our Lord, 2017.

Article 1: Terminology

  • "The Directory" shall be defined as the members of the Alvaris Confederation whom are the founders and those in government.
  • A "citizen" shall be defined as a nation which resides in the region while being registered on the offsite forum.
  • A "resident" shall be defined as a nation which resides in the region while not being registered on the offsite forum.
  • An “ambassador” is a citizen of Alvaris who represents the region in another region for the purpose of interregional relations.
  • A "foreign diplomat" is a nation currently representing another region for inter-regional cooperation.
  • A "dignitary" is a nation who does not serve a diplomatic purpose and either CTE or leaves the region.
  • CTE shall be defined as "Ceased to Exist."
  • "Third Party Communications" shall be defined as any method a nation uses to contact another nation regarding regional matters apart from the official NationStates website.

Article 2: The Directory
The Founder

  1. The Founder of Alvaris Confederation shall have executive authority throughout all platforms.
  2. The Founder, being the creator of the region, shall hold the position for life.
  3. The Council can discuss and, if necessary, vote on who will possess the Founder account should the circumstance arise.

The Speaker

  1. The Speaker of Alvaris Confederation shall be the voice of the region in the World Assembly.
  2. It shall be the sole duty of the Speaker to properly represent the majority opinion of the region.
  3. Upon reaching a decision, the Speaker shall announce and explain his or her reasoning through a minimum of two (2) platforms of communication (i.e. Discord, Regional Message Board, Telegram, Regional Forum, etc.).
  4. It is the Speaker's responsibility to ensure that no member nation exceeds the set maximum amount of endorsements which is half of the speaker’s endorsement number.

The Director of Order

  1. The Director of Order will have admin permissions and assist with forum maintenance when necessary.
  2. The Director of Order shall maintain order in the region and, above all, uphold the Charter.
  3. The Director of Order shall settle disputes that occur between member nations where the Charter, NationStates rules, or additional legislation have been violated.
  4. In the event that any type of election or legislation requiring a vote occurs, it is the responsibility of the Director of Order to begin and end the polling periods within an appropriate time frame.
  5. The Director of Order shall maintain the Court.
  6. The Director of Order, like the founder account, shall serve his or her term for life.
  7. In addition, the Director of Order is required to maintain neutrality in all matters regarding regional law.

The Director of Internal Affairs

  1. The Director of Internal Affairs shall serve as the main informer of Alvaris Confederation.
  2. The Director of Internal Affairs shall be in charge of recruitment, informational telegrams and announcements.
  3. The Director of Internal Affairs is required to send at least two informational telegrams a month to those residing in the Alvaris Confederation.
  4. The Director of Internal Affairs shall make announcements regarding any and all regional matters not initially announced by another Director or the Speaker.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Director of Internal Affairs to inform the Director of Order of potential elections. Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from said position.

The Director of Distant Affairs

  1. The Director of Distant Affairs shall be in charge of maintaining In and Out of Game Embassies with regions outside of Alvaris Confederation. He or she may be assisted by ambassadors.
  2. The Director of Distant Affairs shall be in charge of informing the region of embassy closures and openings and reasons as to why.
  3. The Director of Distant Affairs shall be in charge of maintaining the Foreign Diplomat and Ambassador list.

The Director of Security

  1. The Director of Security shall serve below the Director of Order. This does not diminish the autonomy or individuality of the Director of Security.
  2. The Director of Security shall also act as an enforcer of regional and NationStates law where the Director of Order must remain neutral.
  3. The Director of Security shall NOT be allowed to act in the place of the Director of Order.
  4. The Director of Security shall be in charge to maintain a running list of nations in the region with and without WA. This running list will be updated at least once a week to ensure the Speaker contains complete knowledge of who is involved in WA and who is not.
  5. The Director of Security shall, with permission or by request of the Speaker, contact any WA nation above the endorsement cap, warning of possible removal from the region if not compliant.
  6. It is the job of the Director of Security to maintain regional neutrality.

Article 3: Laws

  1. Alvaris Confederation follows the rules of NationStates and thus anything broken per NationStates rules are subject to punishment in Alvaris.
  2. As laws are ever-changing, Regional Laws and Communication Laws will be found in different Documents that may change per necessity in the region.

Article 4: The Court

  1. The Court shall be an extension of the Director of Order.
  2. The Court shall be used as a “last resort” to settle disputes or enact punishments onto nations or individuals who have broken regional or NationStates laws.
  3. The Court shall be in charge of approving or denying proposed regional laws.
  4. The Court shall remain neutral and judge based solely on facts of a given situation.
  5. The Court may not enact laws which restrict the basic privileges of residents and citizens within the Alvaris Confederation.
  6. The Court shall view all cases and deem merit based on timing, degree of offense, and question of repeated offenses.
  7. All other requirements of the Court shall be accessible within the Court section of the off-site forum where this Charter resides.

Article 5: Roleplay

  1. The Roleplay Moderator shall be in charge of maintaining the regional Roleplay.
  2. A Director or the Speaker may also be the Roleplay Moderator.
  3. The Directors and Speakers are considered admins of the Roleplay regardless of involvement in said roleplay. Further, admins are required to ensure the Moderator maintains order within the Roleplay both in and out of character.
  4. Admins are allowed to settle out of character disputes regarding in character conflicts where the Moderator is unable to settle the conflict.
  5. As a regional roleplay may change overtime, there are no set precedents upon roleplay conduct beyond what the Roleplay Moderator has established in the Roleplay Regulations which will be found on the World Factbook Entry and the regional forum.

Article 6: Rights and Privileges
The Article of Rights and Privileges entitle all citizens, residents, and visitors of The Alvaris Confederation with safeties throughout their stay. All listed privileges are revocable by unanimous vote of the Directory upon establishment of this charter. Rights listed below are irrevocable. The Article is as such:

  1. The Privilege of free speech
  2. The Privilege of involvement in the Regional Discord
  3. The Privilege of involvement in the Regional Roleplay
  4. The Privilege of involvement in the Regional Forum
  5. The Right to a speedy trial
  6. The Right to usual punishment
  7. The Right to freedom of religion
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[DRAFT] The Confederation Charter Empty Re: [DRAFT] The Confederation Charter

on Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:29 pm
As no additions or subtractions have been suggested. The Draft will now be made into official Alvaris Confederation law and the Director of Order shall sign the official document.
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