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What was your nation like during the 1500s? Empty What was your nation like during the 1500s?

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:25 am
What was your nation like during the 1500s?
Were you a developing super power? Maybe every citizen was required to have a pet dog. Did you have friends? Were you are war with another nation? Let's talk Lore!
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What was your nation like during the 1500s? Empty Re: What was your nation like during the 1500s?

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:31 pm
In 1500's 2nd Silberheim recovered from civil war In 1505, Agnes I the Liberator, the first ruler from Averstrand dynasty, who unified the state and ruled as a first ruler of 2nd Kingdom of Silberheim (2t Konigstaat Silberheim) died. Power passed to her brother Ilyan and next rulers from Averstrand dynasty. Capital was moved to Loreensburg and the country was focused on recovering from civil war. Some of the rulers were financing New World expedition, one ended on colonizating part of lands of current Kingdom of Danonino and a war with natives. In culture, there were a times of 'Iron rennaisance' - the strong rationalist movement in philosophy and cult of progress. The citizens were splitted into 4 masses (Landemann - nobility; Staatlandmann - rich city residents, bougeoisie; Burgemann - average city residents; Villemann - village residents). A country started to build relations with neighbours.
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What was your nation like during the 1500s? Empty Re: What was your nation like during the 1500s?

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:35 pm
The 1500's were not as turbulent as other centuries in Jinwoyin history and falls under the local Imperial Era.

As the Jinwoyin religion grew in complexity and trade with the other international powers increased, society's complexity also grew. Kings and emperors commonly fought for land and trade routes.

The beginning of this era is the marking of the fall of Sunka, the holiest city in Jinwoy, to an invading force of native heathens spreading their foreign gods. As the Pat, the previous Era's local power, splintered, many of the other major cities united and kings and emperors rose in their place.

While these wars took place, Segon, Jinwoy's northernmost province populated and dominated by ancient families and powerful bureaucrats, continued to quietly enjoy its dynastic existence; the Emperors role stably rotating between the three prominent royal families of the time. The Keanese would dominate all of Jinwoy by the end of this era in the late 1800's, including the reclusive northern Segonese Empire, ruling from their untouchable city and affluent port in Lilaporei.

The 1500's specifically was a time of doubt; Lilaporei and the Keanese had not yet left the comfortability of their swamp lands, the northern neighbours in Segon were expanding downwards and were quickly approaching on their lands while the Southerners were still raiding abandoned holy sites of the long-dead Pat.

In 1521, a raiding party had established a fiefdom in Penompa, an important city in the nation's south-west, after being invited by the local chiefs. Meanwhile Palau is falling to hordes of feral horsemen from over the shallow mountains and even southward towards modern Rakam. A few years later, in 1529, the Pahnah Dynasty is killed in a violent night of knives, and succeeded by the lower-born Johora Dynasty successfully.

By 1570, the localised fiefdom in Penompa had been replaced by an uninvited enemy; distant foreigners were setting up trade posts, overwhelming smaller tribes in the islands and coasts of Southern Jinwoy.

By the end of the century in 1599, the foreign powers had seized the south-western islands completely, leading into the colonization era of Jinwoy's long history.
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What was your nation like during the 1500s? Empty Re: What was your nation like during the 1500s?

on Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:01 pm
In the 1500s, the Silver Jedi were in the midst of a civil war in what became known as the Great Schism and the capital, Voss, was in turmoil while the Jedi Council of its era squabbled one another, supported by sizeable armed contingents; on the one hand, the loyalist Jedi preferred to crack down on wanton cruelty while the rebel factions, calling themselves Sith, instead preferred to use cruelty as a tool to rule, with limited interference from the central government, which they viewed as distant and perhaps unresponsive.

Even so, as the land was sparsely populated, with most cities separated by farmland and forests, central power was relatively weak and it took a lengthy period until the last of the Sith Lords were finally killed in fratricide combat by 1534.

Once the civil was was finally over, the Jedi experienced a renaissance of the arts and sciences, which resulted in the discovery of the laws of motion, as well as in stoichiometry as well as a host of other fundamental concepts. In the arts, painting, sculpture, architecture were at the forefront, with artists such as Alyssa Hickman, Vito Lombroso and achieving fame in their respective arts. Meanwhile, music wasn't neglected, with composers such as Leastre Pandac and Sergei Kutuzov leaving a mark on the Jedi music of the 16th century.
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What was your nation like during the 1500s? Empty Re: What was your nation like during the 1500s?

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