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Hospitarian Military Exercise - 'Sever 2020' Empty Hospitarian Military Exercise - 'Sever 2020'

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:49 pm
Hospitarian Republic (‘Sever 2020’)
5th December, 2020

'Sever 2020' is the third in a line of bi-annual military exercises performed by the Hospitarian Military by Ground, Sea and Air Forces. The troops deployed to these exercises has increased with each held event, 2016 reported approximately 10,000 troops were deployed and in 2018 a reported approximate of 13,000 troops were deployed, and over 15,000 troops are expected to be deployed this year throughout the event which lasts 14 days (19th December) in an effort to both improve the combat readiness of the military and also develop military doctrine. Throughout the event multiple training exercises as well as simulation events will take place across both Hospitarian territorial waters and allocated regions on land within Hospitarian Boarders. An official announcement by the state-run HBC (Hospitarian Broadcasting Channel) was made announcing the launch of the exercise period earlier in the day. However, despite this, no official announcement to the international community has been given, partly due to the Prime Minister's Isolationist rhetoric and his refusal to reach out to international groups. In a press conference before the launch of 'Sever 2020' Prime Minister Giles Bingham said "We have had no communications with the International Community and as a result we choose not to fully trust it, we do not plan to impede but do not want to be impeded upon and these exercises will ensure that.".

The Hospitarian Military has since received a drastic increase to its funding since the 2015 elections saw the victory of the Hospitarian Socialist Party who's leader Giles Bingham announced his plans to end the austerity plans of the previous government which had "reduced the military to a shell of its former self". Since then despite still being outdated, efforts have been made towards modernisation and overall increasing the size of the military in all three major areas (Ground, Sea and Air).

HBC News Head Line

"This is HBC and these are today's headlines;
Today marks the start of 'Sever 2020' the third in a line of military exercises to be held by the military. The government released this statement regarding the exercises "All and any civil air traffic are to stick to allocate routes and avoid any military exercise zones. The cooperation of all citizens commuting across the country by Air, Sea or by land is expected in order to avoid unnecessary accidents and delays to both the military in their exercise period and to civil commutes". In other news..."

Hospitarian Military Exercise - 'Sever 2020' 1055977090
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