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Some Basic RP Information (READ THIS BEFORE RP-ING) Empty Some Basic RP Information (READ THIS BEFORE RP-ING)

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:41 am
Click Me To Link To Dispatch of Rules.
The following are guidelines for the Alvaris Role-play to ensure fair play for all who are within the Role-play. These rules can be changed at anytime with request and valid reasons from any citizen of Alvaris Confederation. Any questions or concerns should be directed to UFNA in the discord.
Rp year is 2020 with MODERN TECH.
Time passes in the following way:
1 OOC WEEK == 1 IC MONTH. The Week starts on Thursday at 12:01AM CDT and ends the following Thursday at 11:59PM CDT.
The Admin or Moderator will place a post in the main announcement thread of the beginning and end of each week.
During the OOC week, you are allowed to RP anything that would initially take a month to complete. This is to allow nations to progress how they like without hindering nations more active in Roleplaying.

Our world is earth-like. This means that poles are found to the north/south respectively. It is warmer as you get toward the middle and cooler as you go north/south respectively.
Time is a thing and will be treated as such.

There is in fact a moon, however due to the world being at relative international peace since creation, there is no true competition about space related things.
Satellites used for communication and whatnot exist and unless explicitly put in a nation's lore, all nations have the ability to communicate with any other nation.

Military stuff is Today’s Modern Tech military, anything beyond that requires research that it will happen within the next 5 years IRL and an in-depth factbook approved by the rp moderator/admins backing up said claim.
There is no military cap. However if you claim you are over average military ability IRL, as mentioned above, it must be approved before ANY roleplaying occurs.

You CANNOT Role-play without being on the map. Any premature roleplaying before being on the map officially will result in all subsequent posts including the original post to be not considered canon and deleted immediately.

If you disagree with the Role-play Moderator or admins in regards to role-play matters, you must calmly open the discussion in private with said individual you disagree with. If the result is not the result you were intending, you are free to tag the council and open up a public discussion. The result must be more than the moderator/admin telling you that said thing is not possible. If one says it, then it is very likely that it will be denied by the rest unless it can be proven without a shadow of a doubt.

On another note, due to a lack of main international conflicts, it can be argued that certain military techs would not be available. These will be up to the moderator and proper logic to decide.

Out of Character (OOC) conflicts are to be left out of In Character (IC) choices.

Any discords used outside of the regional discord for anything related to Alvaris requires two admins within. Admins are not required to speak in said discords but they are required to see all channels.

Anything used in discord is not considered canon beyond what the world looks like based on the maps.
That being said, conversations in discord can be used to assist in RP postings so long as corners are not cut.
Conversations in discord must be played out IC if it is used to make an IC choice. In other words, Alliances or Pacts or any grouped event must be played out IC if a discord is used for communication. There are a number of ways for this to be played out and will vary on who is involved in the conversation.

Cutting corners refers to instant arrival at destinations. Meetings between nations without announcements being made the nations plan to meet. OOC information is used to speed along knowledge IC. Having the “top of the line” tech without in depth details as to why. Having deep rooted relations between nations without an established concrete lore.
In other words, cutting corners is metagaming, don’t do it.

And finally: All postings made on the forum are canon unless otherwise stated. Due to the nature of our region, Discord will be used for OOC discussion of IC events as well as a place for those not always on the forum to jump into threads. You are required to post a link to your respected thread when you post/respond on the forum. This is to ensure the admins/moderators can do their job and to allow everyone to be involved in the Role-play, even when they are not online.
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