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Marrizonrian Invitation to Marrizonrian Festival

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:06 am
Nations of the world are invited to the luxurious Marrizonrian Festival to celebrate the Achievements of Marrizonria. All who are interested are required to state who is going, if they are of importance, and how many citizens of said nation plan to attend. Thank you.
Warcheif Fuga
Warcheif Fuga
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Re: Marrizonrian Invitation to Marrizonrian Festival

on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:37 am
-- Imperial Emperor Toa Fuga of the Empire of the Samoan Federation would send a notice to the Queendom of Marrizonria. The Empire was still recovering from the Long Darkness and rebuilding the infrastructure of the old days. However, the Emperor would send his daughter, princess Tala Fuga, second princess of the Imperial Family and leading scientists in both Astrophysicist and Human Biology. They would also send Warcheif Armando Delmar, General of the 1st Expaditionary Forces and Minister Mogtrue, Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs. This would be their first contact with another nation and a transport ship would be dispatched immediately with Military Escort that would wait outside in international waters 30 miles off the coast.

-- Transmission sent from the Ministy of Foreign Affairs

Re: Marrizonrian Invitation to Marrizonrian Festival

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:38 pm
The office of the Prime Minister of Reftaria sent out the following reply:

"The Commonwealth of Reftaria would be pleased to accept this kind invitation from the Queendom of Marrizonria as it begins to look outward. Our Foreign Minister Julia Radcliffe will attend, along with a delegation of ten prominent cultural representations (artists, authors, scholars), one from each of Reftaria's autonomous provinces. In our years of isolation, we have grown eager to make contact with the other nations of this region. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of Marrizonria and laying the groundwork for friendship and cooperation among our peoples."
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Re: Marrizonrian Invitation to Marrizonrian Festival

on Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:29 pm
The Empire of Saschia thanks the Queendom of Marrizonria for its most gracious invitation. Her Royal Highness, the Crown Princess Sylvia immediately volunteered to attend on the behalf of the Royal Family, and she will be escorted by The Honorable Prime Minister, Vinicius Potts. They will be accompanied by 5 members of the Elite Imperial Guard. This accompaniment should be of no concern, as it is customary for members of the Royal Family and High-Ranking Government Officials to be accompanied this way. The Empire of Saschia eagerly awaits your reply and looks forward to building a positive and lasting relationship with the Queendom of Marrizonria.

Warmest Regards,

Harold Jones
Minister of Foreign Relations
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Re: Marrizonrian Invitation to Marrizonrian Festival

on Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:59 am
Official answer from Federal Republic of Silberheim

" The Federal government accepts the invitation with pleasure. Silberheim will send its diplomats led by Prime Minister Kelly Starberg and vice-president Tadean ven Kreipte. The Federal Republic hopes to start good relationship between Silberheim and Queendom of Marrizonria and maybe make some trade deals. Silberheim is ready for any offers.

President of Federal Republic of Silberheim
Airean T.H. Vanster
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Re: Marrizonrian Invitation to Marrizonrian Festival

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