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Operation Jester Empty Operation Jester

on Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:29 pm
Prelude to War

New Brezen, United Federation of North Arkana

"Alpha-6, this is Argus. We have eyes on the target, and the package. Currently eastbound towards the commercial district on Public Transit Bus 1522. You are cleared to engage at your discretion. Keep collateral damage to a minimum. Over."

"Argus, this is Alpha-6. Roger that. Alpha-1-1 confirms visual on the bus. Alpha-4-2 is moving into position to intercept. Standby for further updates. Over."


Public Transit Bus 1522 was sparsely populated. It was the middle of the business day after all, and everyone who'd normally be packing into it like sardines was busy with their day to day lives. With only a dozen or so people in his bus, the driver wasn't as bothered as usual when he stopped by a Military Police checkpoint. It would be over quickly at least, and he could get on with day, occasionally heckling a rider who spent too long digging around for their fare.

Opening his driver side window to hand over his papers to the officer approaching his window, he doesn't notice the squad of soldiers in full tactical gear approaching the boarding doors on the opposite side of the bus.

"Afternoon, officer."

"Good afternoon, sir. Please open the doors for inspection."

"No problem at all..." His voice trails off as he sees the masked and goggled men waiting. But this is New Brezen, the biggest port city of the UFNA, and home to the largest Naval District in the nation. Clearly, something is going on, and he wants nothing to do with ending up on the wrong side of it. "No problem at all," he says, picking up the PA mic. "Passengers, we're just stopped for a routine security check. Please cooperate fully and we'll be on our way in just a few minutes."

The driver pulls the lever to open the passenger doors of the bus. Then all hell breaks loose.


"Alpha-6, this is Argus. Pardon the language, but what the fuck was that? Over."

"Fuck... ah shit, uh. Argus, this is Archer-6. Target detonated the package, but it looks like the thing wasn't built properly. Techs are on the way to clean up the mess, and we're working on corralling these fucking civvies who are screaming their heads off... fuck that smells awful... ah, no casualties to BLUFOR. Two Class I casualties confirmed among the other passengers. Over."

"Archer-6, this is Argus. Retrieve as much of the bomb as possible. We'll have the techs see what kind of forensics they can grab off it. Over."

"Argus, this is Archer-6. Wilco."


"Reports of a failed bombing attempt aboard a bus in New Brezen have been confirmed by Press Officers of the Military Police. Further information has not been forthcoming to the press, with government sources stating that they cannot comment on such a sensitive ongoing investigation. Social media anecdotes claim the bombing occurred at a Military Police checkpoint, with armed police boarding the bus, apparently with weapons drawn. Speculation among policy experts is that the Military Police was acting upon intelligence that the bomber was aboard the bus, and were hoping to end the crisis before they reached the crowded streets of New Brezen. Police sources have confirmed that the only fatality was the bomber, with minor injuries to bystanders..."
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