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on Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:39 pm
A Call to Action

The Brutantashi Prefecture, beautiful, pristine, and often times peaceful. In recent years, though, that peace has been broken, and many thrust into a war they never saw coming.

It’s the 18th of December, the year 2020. War has been raging between the Iliad Rebels and the Jasmennians since January of 2019. With over one thousand rebels dead, and no let up in fighting, many in the Jasmennian High Command predict the war will last another few years, or more.

Sarichi Air Force Base - 1625 hours

The piercing sound of the eight turbofans on a Jasmennian Naval Air Force B-52K broke the silent dusk. Loaded with 80,000 pounds of incendiary bombs, the lone bomber was to make a strike ahead of a planned invasion of the rebel controlled port of Naiv.

“Lai 23LP4C, proceed with pre takeoff checklist while you await clearance,” crackled a voice over the radio.

“Will do, Lai 23 holding at end of taxiway,” responded the pilot, Staff Sergeant Nikolas Churai. “Alright crew, begin checklist.”

As they were going through the checklist, the radio sprang to life, the previous voice from before sounding panicked.

“Lai 23, emergency takeoff. Rebels have gotten wind of the intended strike. We’re scrambling three F-22G’s from Williams AFB to provide escort.”

“Lai 23 entering runway 52R and initiating takeoff,” said Churai. He turned to his crew and gave the “go ahead” hand signal.

The turbofans screamed into thrust, sending the aging behemoth down the runway and into the air. With the rebels already knowing their intentions, the strike was in jeopardy of being called off.

“Radio the invasion fleet, tell them to shell the beaches and notify them of the little issues we’ve run into. We need those beacheads knocked down before we get there, otherwise we’re a falling aluminium can,” said Churai.

15 miles off the coast of Naiv - 1640 hours

Alarms blared as crews raced to their battle stations. The strike was starting. The attack force, comprised of two heavy cruisers, four destroyers, and one assault ship, readied itself for battle.

One sailor aboard the heavy cruiser Paul Carnegie was running to his post in the fire control center. He stopped and asked another what was going on.

“What the hell?! I thought the assault wasn’t for another two hours!” he hollered.

“Rebel scouts spotted the 52 preparing for takeoff at Sarichi, we’re pressing forward to take down the anti air batteries before Lai 23 arrives,” the other sailor responded.

“Son of a,” he said. “Let’s knock those batteries down then, give our high fliers a clear path.”

Not long after that sailor arrived to his post did the first shots ring out. The ship shook violently as the 8 inch guns sent out shells, one after the other. Ships across the assault force also began firing, the sounds of 8 inch and 5 inch guns breaking the silent night.

Within seconds, the shells began striking the village. Across the village, fireballs rose into the air, signifying the explosions of munitions. The strike was going as expected, despite the sudden change in plans. Soon enough, the skies would be worry free for the B-52 and her incendiary load.
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