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Reftaria-Samoan Empire Diplomatic Meeting on Finisterre Island Empty Reftaria-Samoan Empire Diplomatic Meeting on Finisterre Island

on Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:30 pm
Having just recently assembled its first Foreign Service staff, the Commonwealth of Reftaria began to reach out to its neighbors. To begin, it turned to the Samoan Empire to its south. Much ash still covered most of the impassable border, but there had some some limited contact between merchants from the two nations over the past year as sea routes had become more reliable.

A radio transmission went out on frequencies known to be monitored by Samoan Diplomats: “To our neighbor: we contact you in friendship, hoping that our two nations can establish official diplomatic relations to further commerce, culture, and peace on our side of the continent. We therefore invite your representatives to Finisterre Island, one of our autonomous regions rich in trade and culture, for preliminary talks.”

Ambassador Renn Faber prepared his staff to make quick preparations for a preliminary meeting should the Samoan Empire reply.
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